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Organic food from farm to table

Bringing organic food from our farm, to your table.


Free delivery on orders above  Rs 1800

Our Story

Hill Harvest is co-founded by the husband and wife duo of Ankit and Shipra. Both of them are natives of Uttarakhand and share a passion of farming and healthy living. This shared passion led them to cross their path and eventually get married and start Hill Harvest.



The first thing I tried was Kathal pickle in mustard oil. Have to keep the bottle upside down for a bit to let the oil mix in. Then it is about the best I've ever eaten. The sweet mango chutney is my next favorite. Finishes before one realizes. Delivery is quite prompt to family and friends around India and a small hamper made a fine raakhi gift for a sister in Mumbai.


Thanks Hill Harvest for such lovely products. Mango and Jackfruit pickle is just mouthwatering. Even Rajma and Pahadi Bhatt Daal quality is superb. Being a Uttrakhandi felt so Nostalgic after having it. :) Thanks Shipra Ankit and team.


All products are very good, tasty, and 100% organic. Packaging was very nice, and you get your order on time. I will recommend their products for must try. They have limited product range but I must say all of them are best in quality.

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